"... Learn the form

but seek the formless.

Hear the soundless.

Learn it all

then forget it all.

Learn the way

then find your own way..."


Zuzana Schrammova         

Internationally Accredited Rider Biomechanics Coach 

with Mary Wanless’ Ride With Your Mind Program



facebook page: Rider Biomechanics Coaching; Art and Science of Horse Training





Theory and Practice of:


* Rider Biomechanics 

Learn how to use your body to harmonize with your horse and communicate through mutual feel. Riding as a language of touch. Find your balance to help the horse find his.

* Science of Horse Training 

Develop a system of aids your horse understands.
Through understanding comes the habit of cooperation.

* In Hand work – foundation to High School

Apply classically proven, horse-friendly techniques to improve your horse’s understanding and performance.

* What it is we seek with the horse – the quest for lightness, balance, harmony

Know the nature of the horse, true collection, self-carriage
- on the ground and ultimately under saddle.



    Zuzana demonstrates time and time again how the changes in the rider dramatically change the horse’s posture, his presence, and his movement.

Add the academic approach to training, and you have an unbeatable combination that sets you well on your road to success. Success at whatever your chosen activity is.

Feel the ease and excitement of working together with your horse, not against him.



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